An insurance policy on life.

Our immune systems are built with specialized cells that defend our bodies from viruses, bacterial infections, and cancer. But as we age, our immune system weakens. And if we get cancer, our immune system can be severely impaired.

But what if we could store our healthy immune systems before we get sick, or before a pre-cancerous condition like MGUS or Smoldering Myeloma progresses to Multiple Myeloma? At Immunaeon, we give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

Use your own immune system to fight disease.

The immune system is built of soldiers that fight disease. But over time those soldiers age and become less effective at fighting for you.

What if we could preserve younger, more effective soldiers to have a better chance at winning the battles of tomorrow? At Immunaeon, we give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

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Empowering Patients

Through education and advocacy.

The immune system contains a vast array of specialized cells whose sole purpose is to defend the body from attack. Conditions like MGUS reflect alterations in the immune system, but often the clinical results are hard to understand. We can help!

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Immunaeon is your partner in immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is a revolutionary approach to fighting disease. It uses our own immune systems to fight off infection, cancer, even autoimmune disorders. Immunotherapy is most effective when you have a healthy immune system. At Immunaeon, we isolate, analyze, and store your healthy immune cells so you have the best chance at living a long and healthy life—no matter what happens tomorrow.

We also specialize in storing cells for people with a family history of cancer and pre-cancer patients, such as MGUS and Smoldering Myeloma. Because many cancer therapies and Multiple Myeloma treatments use the immune system, storing cells today can give you the best chance for an effective immunotherapy treatment tomorrow.

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