Take command of your cellular army.

Your body’s immune system is made up of millions of cells, each of which has a specific rank and responsibility in your cellular army. Together, these cellular soldiers defend your body from invading internal illnesses (such as cancer) and external illnesses (such as viral and bacterial infections).

By storing your immune system early, MGUS and SMM patients have the ability to use the most effective army possible when fighting the battle against Multiple Myeloma.

T Cells

Frontline soldiers that fight against enemy pathogens


Multi-potent generals that capture enemies and command the army in attack

Helper T Cells

Lieutenants that identify targets and guide the T/B cell attack

Natural Killer Cells

Assassins able to kill cells without MHC restriction

B Cells

Artillery unit that produces antibodies—vital weaponry against viral disease

As you age, or if you get cancer, this cellular army loses its ability to defend you. With a weakened immune system, you’re at risk of losing your life to invading illnesses.

Save a healthier version of yourself.

Our team of biomedical experts will work with you to extract, analyze, and store your body’s cells. Rest assured, the procedure is perfectly safe and painless. Over time, we’ll also give you updates on the state of your immune system—along with immunotherapy news and resources—so you have all the information you need to stay healthy.

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