Win the war against illness.

Once your immune system fights off a disease, it forms immune memory. If the disease returns, your cells will be ready to eliminate the challenge faster than before. When we’re vaccinated for diseases like measles, polio, and COVID, we’re preparing our immune systems for future battles. In this sense, vaccinations are a form of immunotherapy.

Offering Options to Multiple Myeloma patients.

Cancers like Multiple Myeloma can negatively affect your immune system and common cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, are also harmful to healthy cells in the body. Fortunately, some immunotherapies remove killer immune cells  and re-train them to attack the cancer itself. As a result, the FDA has approved various cell-based immunotherapies in the fight against Myeloma.

Be Prepared.

As we age, we become more susceptible to illness and disease, the more susceptible to illnesses we become. Viruses and bacteria, however, do not age. They evolve and become stronger. With healthy immune cells for use in immunotherapy, we can keep our cells young, agile, and powerful to fight off disease in the future.

Stay informed.

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Invest in Immune Cell Storage. Invest in Your Life.

We must move alongside modern medical science. We must be ready to implement cell-based therapies in the fight against cancer and other diseases. We can preserve our immune system today so that we can lead healthier lives tomorrow.